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Our resources are the foundation and core of the Momma Has Goals platform and community. Current, aspiring, and empty nesting mothers rely on the Momma Has Goals filing cabinet to find the support and resources they need for their current goals, ambitions, and season of life.


We're so excited to welcome you in as a Momma Has Goals resource!

Here's a quick intro and behind the scenes!


When Kelsey's oldest son was just over a year old she found herself waking up in a hospital wondering "what story would I have left behind if I hadn't made it through that"?
Would her children know what brought her joy? What she stood for? This experience led Kelsey to her own journey of fulfillment and self-discovery where she had the massive realization that this feeling was far too common for mothers all over the world. Kelsey knew she needed to normalize moms having big dreams + making their own fulfillment a priority, leading to the creation of Momma Has Goals. A free resources platform to support women in any goals they have. 

Kelsey has transitioned from a top marketing strategist in the wine industry to building a community of thousands of women and resources, she's spoken on stages across the country, launched a phone app, and now hosts a top 3% podcast globally. Kelsey is also a vineyard partner, wife, mom of two, while highly valuing friends and family. 

Through her community, the Momma Has Goals phone app, events, and programs Kelsey leads thousands of women to live the life of their dreams for themselves and their families with the mission to help all current and aspiring mommas find their highest selves in and outside of motherhood.

About the Founder

Podcast Host


Event host and community leader


Wife + mom of two

top 3% globaLly!

You can read more about how Momma Has Goals got started here but after my own journey of searching for community, resources, and support I knew I needed to create a platform that connected women with WHO and WHAT they need.

Momma Has Goals was born! Here are a few of the highlights to our platform and being connected as a resource!

⭐ Expansive like-minded, trustworthy and REAL  Mommas
⭐ Intimate connection and collaboration 
⭐ Proximity to amazing speakers and guests on the topics you actually need
⭐ Exposure to clients and leads
⭐ A commitment and investment that makes sense
⭐ Marketing and networking done for you
⭐A multi-channel approach for high end and increase exposure and awareness


Being a featured resource has extensive exposure to our rapidly growing community, these are a few of the exposure highlights!

  • Personalized featured resource filing cabinet page
  • Instagram Story feature
  • Newsletter feature
  • Ability to add approved events to event calendar
  • Access to engage and promote with value in the Momma Has Goals focus groups
  • Feed post on Instagram and Facebook
  • One pre-roll commercial on podcast
  • Invitation to resource calls
  • Full Platform Access as a general user

The Exposure Benefit

You'll also get the added exposure from other resources and  members sharing and collaborating!

There is so much to the Momma Has Goals phone and web app! Dive into all the features here!

The Platform


12 Months of Marketing, Connection, Collaboration + Growth

⭐ Resource Mastermind Calls for Marketing and Collaboration
⭐ Direct Access to Leads and Community
⭐Exposure and marketing to MHG community


  • Email promotion to our 4K+ subscribers (we're currently averaging 700+ new subscribers a month)
  • Social promotion to our 2500K+ Followers (although we average 25K+ reach monthly)
  • Podcast shoutout 10K+ Downloads, Top 3% globally
  • App Promotion and Shoutouts 380+ Members
  • Promotional posting and tags in the community and platform
  • Mini Mastermind Resource Community



single annual payment

After completing your resource registration you'll be sent a form to complete for your content and assets. Our team will build your page and social assets and send to you for review. Once you review your page we'll schedule your release and kick-off the 12 month promotion schedule!

what comes next?

"One of my favorite parts of being a resource is the range of women that are in the community. I love how everyone is in a different line of work and levels of biz! It's really wonderful!

"I love that Kelsey gives personalized feedback on how to best use the platform and community for an ROI as a resource"

"Being a part of a group that is ALL moms was really impactful, this is my first time and it feels so good to be apart of a group that understands the challenges. and support eachother"


"I love connecting with the other resources and community members I didn't realize how impactful that would be for me"

"The segments and groups are so beneficial as well as all the hidden exposure points"