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Setting Your Week Up for Success

I remember a period of my life where I felt like I didn’t even know what a weekend was. If I wasn’t working we we’re so busy with other commitments and events. I felt behind every Sunday night and like I was steam rolling into the week without even being able to catch my breath.

Can you resonate with any of that?

It took a few years but I finally was able to develop a streamlined approach to set myself up for success each week. I actually work more now and we are happier and more on top of our schedules, goals, and happiness than ever.

In this video I’ll be walking you through the tried and true method to identify a schedule and framework that works for your family to have a week of happiness and accomplishments!

Designing Your Life & Career

Having a career alongside motherhood can be tough. Having a career you enjoy, while finding time for yourself, and balancing motherhood- even more difficult. Sometimes it can feel impossible. But it is possible!

Momma Has Goals is teaming up with Career Coach Amanda Worthington to help you navigate the next steps in your career to live a life of happiness and success alongside Motherhood.

Momma Has Goals brings resource experts to you each month to help current and aspiring mothers navigate mom guilt, find the time in their schedules, and then find happiness outside of motherhood, because you are more than mom.

In this session Amanda walks us through creating your own career path, confidence in transition, using your past to uncover your strengths and up-leveling your career.

Time MOMagement

The juggle is real. Between mom life, work life, wife life, fill in the blank life, our goals can end up taking a back seat easily.

Marisa Lonic will show you how to manage your time and priorities, so you can turn your big dreams into achievable, actionable goals into your reality.

After spending nearly 15 years in corporate leadership positions. Marisa shifted gears to become a full-time Time Momager & Biz Momager. Through her books, courses, and coaching programs, she helps busy moms juggling mom life, work life, wife life, fill in the blank life. Her time management and goal achievement strategies have helped the most overwhelmed mamas turn their dreams into reality, even when they thought they had no time to make any of it happen.

Growing in Love Together

While stationed away from her family in the military, Charise realized she had lost connection and communication with her daughter. Once Charise returned home and was determined to rebuild their relationship. She poured her love into her daughter only to realize there was a disconnect. The way Charise was expressing love was the way she liked to be loved and they way she had always wanted to be loved by her mom- the problem was, not everyone has the same love language. Not all people or children feel love the same way.

Using the 5 love languages as a foundation, Charise built her own framework to establish a home of love, connection and communication.

Now through Charise’s “Growing in Love Together” program she has built a strong bond with each of her three children and her husband that is unique to them and helps many other women and families do the same!

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